2017 USRL/CYC Biennial Convention in Winnipeg – August 10-13 2017

The 2017 USRL/CYC Biennial Convention will be held in Winnipeg, MB from August 10 to 13, 2017

Please review the documents below for further information.

Members from all USRA/TYC Branches are strongly encouraged to attend.

    Emil Yereniuk, TYC National President awarded Hetman Award

    In 1998, the UCC-Alberta Provincial Council initiated an Annual Hetman Awards to acknowledge significant volunteer achievements of outstanding Ukrainian Albertans. The Annual Hetman Awards are dedicated to the celebration of all volunteers who have chosen to give their time, effort and expertise in order to keep our Ukrainian Canadian community in Alberta strong, vibrant and active.

    Emil Yereniuk, National President for USRA/TYC was one of the 8 recipient of the Hetman Award on October 18, 2015.