Saskatoon Steppe Branch

Report for 2015-2017

TYC Steppe Branch has continued to serve with dedication, our CYC family, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the Ukrainian community and also our overall Saskatoon and Canadian community.

Bingo continues to be our main fundraising avenue with over $250,000 distributed to various deserving groups and institutions over the past six years.  The recipients vary from hospitals, Ukrainian dance groups and choirs, Ukrainian museum, Green Grove, Ukrainian language program at St. Thomas Moore College (STM) at University of Saskatchewan and local programming targeting at risk youth such as SCYAP.

A recent additional stream of funds for us has been participating in the Annual Field and Stream Supper held at the Auditorium.

This year the members sponsored and hosted a Friday night social at the Annual Meeting for the Central Eparchy held at All Saints Church.

Membership meetings have been enhanced by having a variety of speakers and presenters ranging from authors such as Marion Mutala to Ukrainian students from the STM program speaking on their experience studying in Ukraine.

Another direction that the local TYC branch is exploring is the effort to involve the greater Church and Ukrainian community in some activities sponsored by TYC.  The initiative this year involved the screening of the movie “Winter on Fire” and having it as a “movie night”.  The event was very successful and plans of involving sporting aspects of the community as well as cultural, appear to have great potential.  We hope to involve some of our younger generation, namely CYMK, University Students and younger families, in the production of these future events.

Overall, there is an undercurrent of optimism among the members. With a few new members joining and continued dedication from existing members, TYC Steppe Branch will continue to make a significant contribution.


Ron Trischuk


Mailing Address
1309 Spadina Crescent West
Saskatoon, SK S7M 1P5