Regina Branch UOMA Ukrainian Orthodox Men’s Association

Report for 2015-2017

Following the 2015 National CYC convention in Calgary Regina TYC became active in trying to carry through with a commitment to restart a CYMK branch in Regina.  As part of the commitment our branch provided $1000.00 to the SUS Foundation to assist in covering the cost of a national CYMK coordinator.  No activity was seen in Regina as most of the time spent by the coordinator was in established cities in Alberta and Ontario.  To continue our commitment to the program TYC will be doing fund raising in 2017 to send youth to the Winnipeg CYC convention in August.

Regina Ukrainian community was a center of activities in 2016 with the UCC National Tri-Annual Convention, celebration of 125 years of Ukrainian Immigration to Canada and other events.  Most if not all TYC members were involved as hosts and or participants.  For those who visited Regina they were greeted, fed, entertained, educated, and sent home with a feeling of accomplishment.  It is incredible as to how much can be done with so few.

Our Executive and board for 2016/17:

  • President – Wayne Hydeman
  • Vice-President – Dr. Anthony Harras
  • Secretary – James Chorney
  • Treasurer – Dr. Anthony Harras
  • Members-at-large:
    • Gerald Luciuk
    • Brian Fedak
    • Dr. Edward Klopoushak (Newsletter editor)
    • Steve Senyk
  • Past President – Orest Warnyca
  • Chaplain – FR. Michael Maranchuk/Fr. Pawlo Berezniak


We currently have 28 members in our branch. Most are actively involved in a variety of committees in our association as well as within the community.

Meetings and programs:

Monthly meetings are normally held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month with an executive meeting the previous week. Our evenings begin with a social hour followed by a meal and then the meeting. In addition to regular business, our meetings deal with committee reports, special events and guest speakers. On several occasions, for special presentations, our members and the UWAC members had combined meetings.

We owe a thank you to Selo Gardens Corporation for the use of the facilities, Selo Garden’s management for looking after setting up and maintenance before and after our meetings.   Special thank you to Selo Garden’s Personal Care Home kitchen staff, who from time to time provide our dinner meals.

Through our volunteer fundraising we are able to donate to:   

  • Hospital Foundation of Regina
  • St. Petro Mohyla Institute
  • Sadochok: Regina Ukrainian Preschool (UCC Program)
  • UCC-SPC Nation Builders
  • Ukrainian Language School (TYC Program)
  • Ridna Shkola (UNF Program)
  • Green Grove and Trident Summer Camps (camper sponsor)
  • UCC National Tri Annual Convention
  • Modernization of our parish kitchen
  • Advertising during special holidays and events in community newspapers  

Fundraising projects:

  1. Grey cup Football Pool; Tickets are sold by individual members and at kiosks throughout our various malls. I would like on behalf of TYC Regina extend a thank you to Natalie Senyk for the effort in selling the largest number of tickets for the past number of years.
  2. Shashlyk Sales: TYC has ventured out and with the help of a number of members to make and packaged bbq ready shashlyky. The idea was a success and plans are underway to continue the project.

Member Participation, our members are involved and participated in:

  • SUS Foundation silent auction fundraiser,
  • Various Ukrainian Canadian Congress project such as in the Kyiv Pavilion
  • Holodomor Remembrance
  • Ukrainian Independence Program
  • Regina Ukrainian Fall Festival
  • Host parish family BBQ in June
  • With UWAC we participate in an annual panakhyda service for our deceased members.
  • Organizing a work bee to do maintenance at Trident Summer Camp
  • As local president I have participated in National TYC teleconferences

TYC/UOMA Regina are active members within the Ukrainian Orthodox and General Ukrainian Community and associated organizations:

  • Selo Gardens Seniors Complex (BOD)
  • Selo Gardens Personal Care Home (BOD)
  • Ukrainian Orthodox Auditorium (Management Committee)
  • UCC Regina (BOD)
  • RMC Regina Multicultural Council (member)
  • SOHL Saskatchewan Organizational Heritage Language (member)

I wish to thank all of our members for their hard work, dedication, cooperation and enthusiasm as we continue to further the goals of the Ukrainian Self-Reliance Association of Regina.


Wayne Hydeman


Mailing Address
455 Habkirk Drive
Regina SK S4S 6B2