Winnipeg TYC (Ukrainian Self-Reliance Association) Branch Celebrates Anniversary

On Sunday Dec. 15, 2013, the Winnipeg TYC (USRA) branch celebrated the 75th anniversary of the National organization (1938-2013) and the 63rd of its local branch (established in 1950 in Winnipeg) with a lunch and a programme. At the initiative of National TYC (USRA), every branch in Canada will be celebrating this anniversary over the next year and also many branches will be publishing their local history. In this way TYC is acknowledging its three quarter century history as a leading Ukrainian men’s organization in Canada.

Read Press Release: TYC Winnipeg 75th Anniversary

UOCC Central Eparchy Launches Major Humanitarian Project

The Central Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Canada (with some 100 parishes in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and northwest Ontario) will be launching on February 1, 2014, a month long campaign to raise funds and provide knowledge about a grave problem in Ukraine – the need for improved medical aid and assistance for children and youth. Dr. Roman Yereniuk, coordinator of the project, emphasized: “Ukraine’s children and youth, especially those with cancer, leukemia, Down’s syndrome and paraplegics need our attention for they are the most vulnerable members of society. Especially needed by them are medicines (which are very expensive), medical procedures and operations as well as proper care for convalescing.”

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