Montreal Branch

Report for 2015-2017

This year, we shall have a meeting in order to find a new and more effective executive. I can say that every year we are able to donate $1100 to our church. $100 to our Saturday school. Last also year bought a Projector and showed a movie THE UKRAINIANS and donated the $1650 collected at the door to the Producer & 2 Ukrainian army officers who came from Ukraine with him.

This year I am promoting hiking and took 4 newly arrived Ukrainians to Mont St. Bruno and they loved it. I have some 10 people registered to follow suite. I love hiking and know most of the Mountains in the Area and Vermont, & Lake Placid area of New York. I found out that among the new comers, those who Go to church are better people and easier to communicate with and do things.


  • Past-President: Very Rev. Volodymyr Kouchnir
  • President: Gregory Kowryha
  • Vice-President: Yoris Gella
  • Financial Secretary: Ludmilla Kocherha
  • Secretary: Vera Nalywajko


Greg Kowryha
514 240-6797


Mailing Address
6250 12e Ave.
Montréal, QC H1X 3A5