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Report for 2015-2017

TYC Ottawa Branch Report 2015

The 2015 was off to a turbulent start for our TYC-Ottawa branch due to the continued aggression of Russia against Ukraine. Despite heoric resistance Ukrainian forces were forced to abandon Donetsk Airport and Debaltseve. That and subsequent attacks resulted in many wounded Ukrainian soldiers. In 2015, we have also began helping the Burns Department of the Dnipro hospital to help them provide relief fortheir patients. It is a shared understanding amongst our members that through our work of helping victims of Russian aggression against Ukraine we will both exemplify the mission and vision of Ukrainian Self Reliance Association of Canada as well as contributes to the growth and development of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada. We had raised nearly $10,000 (before costs) in 2015.

TYC-Ottawa was a member of Ukrainian Canadian Congress of Ottawa in 2015.

The following campaigns/events were held in 2015:

  • Buy a shawl – warm a soldier – shawl sales in local churches and malls,
  • Ukrainian night at the races 2015 – First night at the races attraced over 200 people
  • Capital Ukrainian Festival 2015 – first festival made possible through UCC-Ottawa efforts. It had become its own organization since then. TYC-Ottawa had a table at the festival
  • 1000 Islands trip to Kingston (Social) – included visiting WW1 Ukrainian internment site at Fort Henry.

Members in 2015:

  • Constantine Prokhorovych
  • Fr. Ihor Okhrimtchouk (Secretary)
  • Dmitro Makienko (President)
  • Maria Al Masani
  • Stepan Yadakh
  • Roman Ksinikatin (Treasurer)

TYC Ottawa Branch Report 2016

As the 2016 rolled around the fighting in East Ukraine became more positional. In addition to better equipped Ukrainian Army in a better-fortified defensive positions that resulted in somewhat fewer casualties; however that presented a challenge of “donor fatigue” – Ukraine was in the news less and attention from the community was beginning to shift to other projects and goals. A highlight of 2016 was the business started by Constantine and Svetlana Prokhorovych. They have gone beyond shawls and are selling many other Ukrainian clothing and accessories. TYC-Ottawa is very thankful for their decision to donate us 10% of their ongoing profits! Theirs and other donations and proceeds in 2016 resulted in nearly $4000 (before costs).

TYC-Ottawa was a member of Ukrainian Canadian Congress of Ottawa in 2016.

In 2016 we had held or participated in the following events:

  • Soldier’s Supper –  we had a dinner with a soldier who was deployed for 50 days defending Donetsk airport as well as a volunteer who was supplying the soldiers at the airport.
  • Meeting with volunteers from the Odesa hospital – Lilya from Odesa, a friend of Prokhorovych
    family gave a presentation on their ongoing work followed by a Q&A period.
  • Video chat with volunteers and patients in Dnipro Hospital Burns Department.
  • Ukrainian Night at the Races 2016 (together with Ukrainian Canadian Business Professionals Association) – Attendance was about 80 people.
  • Capital Ukrainian Festival 2016 – Kostya and Sveta had a table and reported excellent sales.

Members in 2016:

  • Constantine Prokhorovych
  • Fr. Ihor Okhrimtchouk (Secretary)
  • Dmitro Makienko (President)
  • Nataliya Burchevska (Treasurer)
  • Oxana Genina
  • Bohdan Shumsky 

TYC Ottawa – Helping Ukrainian Army

We help supply our brothers and sisters in Ukrainian Armed Forces

View a presentation about our efforts:


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