Report for 2015-2017

This report covers the two years of activities and the work of the Manitoba TYC Executive. In 2015-16 the executive included Maurice Bugera (Chair), Walter Manulak (Secretary) and Boris Salamon (Treasurer). In 2016-17, a minor change occurred with Dr. Roman Yereniuk (Chair), Walter Manulak (Secretary) and Boris Salamon (Treasurer).

The executive met at the call of the chair, whenever needed, often as a supplementary meeting to the local TYC branch monthly meetings. The major event in these two years was the hosting of the 2016 Biannual Meeting of Manitoba CYC (Sept. 24, 2016) in Winnipeg at St. Andrew’s College. After the opening of the Convention, each organization met in separate sessions. Manitoba TYC agenda included a business session and special reports from the National TYC president, Emil Yereniuk, and the National CYC President, Tony Harras. A lively discussion followed. Three resolutions were passed and added to the CYC resolutions.  A highlight of the Convention was a Panel Discussion on the theme of the “125 Anniversary of Ukrainians in Canada”. Four members, including Dr. Oleh Gerus (read by Walter Manulak), Taras Monastyrski, Maria Korchevych, Zena Kanidra spoke on each of the four waves of Ukrainian settlement in Canada. Following this, there was a further discussion and additional information provided. All in all the Convention was a major success.

At present, the members are working diligently on the National CYC Convention for August 2017. Maurice Bugera is the Convention chair and another five members are involved with committee work. The theme of the Convention is “HONOURING OUR PAST – DESIGNING OUR FUTURE”! We hope to have one of the best conventions in a long time.



Manitoba Provincial President
Dr. Roman Yereniuk


Mailing Address
1175 Main Street
Winnipeg MB R2W 3S4