Winnipeg Branch

Report for 2015-2017

This report covers the two years of activities and the work of the executive that included: Taras Monastyrski (Co-chair), Dr. Roman Yereniuk (co-chair), Walter Manulak (Secretary) and Boris Salamon (Treasurer). Membership stands at 17 members.

The branch had regular monthly meeting (except for the summer months) with an attendance of 10-14 members. This year the work of the branch was interrupted for several months due to a fire at our home base – Holy Trinity Ukrainian  Orthodox Cathedral in Winnipeg (July 2016).

Among the key activities were the following:

  1. The branch hosted six speakers on various themes – church, culture and traditions,
  2. The branch hosted five luncheons/coffee hours (after the liturgy) at the cathedral as  fundraisers,
  3. Our branch funded several projects including: a major donation for the CYMK organizer, support for Camp Veselka, SUS Foundation. and Project Liubov-Love, and a donation for Holy Trinity Ukrainian  Orthodox Cathedral
  4. Many members were involved with the work of organizing the successful 2016 (Sept. 24th) Provincial CYC Convention. The theme was the 125th anniversary of Ukrainians in Canada.
  5. Many members were involved with the UCC–MB activities in Winnipeg. Our long-time rep to UCC-MB, Fred Russin, provided much information and updates about the events and celebrations.

All in all, the branch had a very successful two years.


Dr. Roman Yereniuk

Taras Monasterski


Mailing Address
1175 Main Street
Winnipeg MB R2W 3S4