Report for 2015-2017

In many ways, the Saskatchewan USRA/TYC is a microcosm reflecting what is happening to our organization across the country. We are now down to two branches located in our two larger cities Regina and Saskatoon. The branch in Battlefords shrank to an unworkable size and consequently closed. The branch in Canora closed due to the advanced age of their members.  The branch in Prince Albert closed when their members decided to focus on parish issues only.  The remaining two branches both have vibrant fundraising and project agendas, but the number of members continues to slowly decline.  I would like to give special thanks to our former members at the Canora branch. Their dedication and outstanding contribution to our organization, the church, and their community has been outstanding and is nothing less than inspiring.  Interest in the changes to our organizational structure is high with thoughtful discussion of the presentations on organizational change made by our executive at the meetings in the two cities.  We continue to focus on expanding our membership and growing our branches.



Saskatchewan Provincial President
David Prokopchuk


Mailing Address
3141 Dieppe Street
Saskatoon, SK S7M 3S3