PRESENTATIONS: 2012 Ukraine Parliamentary Election / Ukraine Today

Presentations recorded February 3, 2013

Emil Yereniuk, Long Term Observer with the Canada Mission to the Ukraine Election 2012, presents information on his experiences during the election mission.

Part 1

Part 2

Jars Balan, Chair of the Canada Ukraine Committee for the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, presents information on the state of Ukraine since the parliamentary elections in October 2012



TYC Edmonton Member (Dr Orest Talpash) donates maps to University of Alberta

The University of Alberta Library has recently acquired two new collections
of historical maps of Eastern and Central Europe, including Ukrainian territories. They have
been donated by prominent members of the Ukrainian community in Edmonton, Dr. Orest
Talpash and Chrysant and Leslie Dmytruk. These are valuable additions to the sizable map
collection at the U of A, one of finest in North America. An exhibition of the maps in these
collections is planned later this year at the library, with the collaboration of the Canadian
Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS) and the Alberta Society for the Advancement of Ukrainian