Surrey Branch

Report for 2015-2017

TYC of Surrey has 14 members in 2016.

Funds from our BC Gaming Account were distributed in support of the Arts Council of Surrey Youth, Surrey Firefighters Society, Friends of Surrey Museum, Surrey Christmas Bureau, Surrey Food Bank.

Spent Gaming Funds in support, and for sponsorships, for the BC Ukrainian Children· s Camp Kolomayka. We also contributed General Account funds for 1 of the 2 weeks of Camp Kolomayka.

TYC Surrey co-sponsored the Dinner and Concert for the 125 Years Celebration of Ukrainian Immigration to Canada. The Celebration included a tradional Ukrainian dinner, as well as a musical concert from our talented Parish members. It was a sold out event, and one of our best celebrations.

TYC are members of the Friends of Surrey Museum, which supports Ukrainian Heritage, and members of UOC Congress.

Our TYC members volunteer their time during other events that are held at St. Mary Orthodox Cultural Centre, Malanka, Perohy and Cabbage Roll making, Perohy Suppers held the last Friday of every month, Saturday Sales of perogies and cabbage rolls every Saturday throughout the year, and volunteer their time and expertise in general maintenance of the Church and Hall.

TYC members assist the Priest on all Liturgy Services at St. Mary, Surrey.


Gerry Dwernichuk

Kathy Miske


Mailing Address
P.O. 163
Surrey BC V3T 4W8