USRA/TYC Projects or Initiatives

USRA/TYC National Focus for the next two years (2015-2017)

  1. Sustaining the current programs at the branch and national levels
  2. Encouraging the excellent work that has taken place at the branch level
  3. Continuing the work of the symposiums
  4. Continuing our International Ukraine Project (Metropolitan Ilarion Museum in Brusyliv)
  5. Growing our membership through:
    • Increasing membership numbers at the local level with a focus on bringing in younger men into the organization
    • Reviving branches that have been closed
    • Opening new branches
    • Initiate discussions with Ukrainian Orthodox Brotherhoods (Bratstva) across Canada and having them become either TYC branches or Affiliate organizations within National USRA/TYC
    • Promote member-at-large for men eligible for membership but who do not live near and active USRA/TYC branch

USRA/TYC Branch Focus for the next two years (2015-2017)

  1. Continuing its work as a Ukrainian Canadian service organization that supports the UOCC, its parish, Ukrainian institutions, the Ukrainian Canadian community, and the Canadian community within its areas.
  2. Helping with the preservation of Ukrainian culture, heritage, language and traditions.
  3. Provide its members social and cultural activities
  4. Creating fellowship and friendship
  5. Creating a set of projects that can be undertaken considering their manpower and financial resources
  6. Create a “Membership Drive Plan” so as to encourage potential members and our youth to join the branch
  7. Work cooperatively with all in the community: clergy, men, women, youth, parish executives and other clubs
  8. Assisting the national executives in completing its mandate
  9. Assisting the USRA/TYC National Executive with its national and international project through member participation and/or financial assistance


The USRA/TYC Resolutions below from the Biennial Conference (2015) are a guide to projects or initiatives that need to be implemented at the national and local levels.

Resolution 1

WHEREAS USRA/UOMA/TYC have fourteen active branches in Canada from Montreal, Quebec to Surrey, British Columbia,

BE IT RESOLVED that all USRA/UOMA/TYC Branches in Canada adopt the Metropolitan Ilarion Museum project in Brusyliv, Ukraine by providing financial assistance for its development,            and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the USRA/UOMA/TYC branches shall send the financial assistance to the UOCC Consistory, who will be responsible for the distribution of these funds to the Metropolitan Ilarion Museum in Ukraine, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all money raised shall be distributed and that minimal funds shall be used for administrative purposes, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the UOCC Consistory will provide a full report of all money donated and how the funds were dispersed to the Metropolitan Ilarion Museum in Ukraine.

Resolution 2

WHEREAS USRA/TYC commemorated its 75th Anniversary on December 28, 2013, and

WHEREAS fourteen active branches in Canada from Montreal, Quebec to Surrey, British Columbia have been working on compiling the history of their branch, and

WHEREAS the National Executive has researched, compiled, archived and written the history of National USRA/TYC, and

WHERAS there are branches that have not completed compiling their branch history,

BE IT RESOLVED that all USRA/UOMA/TYC branches in Canada complete their branch history by June of 2017.

Resolution 3

WHEREAS USRA/TYC has celebrated its 75th Anniversary on December 28, 2013, and

WHEREAS there are fourteen active branches in Canada from Montreal, Quebec to Surrey, British Columbia, and

WHEREAS there are other men’s organizations (brotherhoods, fraternal organizations) in Canada that provide the same community/parish service that is provided by USRA/UOMA/TYC, and

WHEREAS there are inactive USRA/UOMA/TYC branches that have closed their doors and have ceased to function as TYC branches, and

WHERAS there are centres in Canada that have an active Ukrainian Orthodox congregation that do not have a men’s group,

BE IT RESOLVED that all USRA/UOMA/TYC branches in Canada, Provincial/Regional Executives and the National Executive continue discussions with all brotherhoods, closed branches and parish executives where there are no men’s groups, stressing the importance of working together, encouraging them to become active  USRA/TYC  branches,  and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the National Executive provide leadership in this project as blessed by the Metropolitan and work with local clergy and provide material that can be used during a presentation to other Orthodox men’s organizations.

Resolution 4

WHEREAS the SUS Foundation of Canada will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2015, and

WHEREAS the SUS Foundation of Canada supports the activities and projects of the USRL/CYC family organizations, and

WHEREAS the SUS Foundation  of Canada has provided grants to organizations for the purpose of preservation and advancement of education and the Ukrainian culture in Canada,

BE IT RESOLVED that all USRA/UOMA/TYC branches in Canada and the Provincial/Regional Executives organize fundraising projects (banquets/activities) in their communities for the express purpose of collecting funds for the SUS Foundation of Canada between 2015 and 2016, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this project will be the USRA/UOMA/TYC National project.

Resolution 5

WHEREAS the USRA/TYC National Executive has held a historic Symposium 2014 and the participants recommended to the organizing committee to co-sponsor a follow-up symposium on the same topic in Ukraine (Kyiv) in the near future,

BE IT RESOLVED that the USRA/TYC National Executive be encouraged and granted authority toward the realization of this goal but leaving the final decision and its scope to the USRA/TYC National Executive.

Resolution 6

WHEREAS the National University ”Kyiv Mohyla Academy” (NaUKMA) is celebrating its 400th anniversary in 2015 (1615-2015), and

WHEREAS the NaUKMA played a key role in the XVII AND XVIII centuries in propagating Ukrainian national and Ukrainian Orthodox identity, and

WHEREAS the NaUKMA was restructured as a modern Western-modeled and Ukrainian-centered university in 1991 – today one of the leading universities in Ukraine, and

WHEREAS the Kyiv Mohyla Academy was an inspiration for the rebirth of Ukrainian Orthodoxy in Canada,

BE IT RESOLVED that the 59th USRA/USRL Convention acknowledge this important 400th Anniversary with a congratulatory letter to the National University “Kyiv Mohyla Academy” (NaUKMA).

Resolution 7

WHEREAS the National University “Kyiv Mohyla Academy” has established a major graduate program of theological studies, the first such university initiative in Ukraine’s modern history and known as the “Institute of Theological Studies”, and

WHEREAS the Institute of Theological Studies has potential to be one of the leading Christian graduate schools and primary research centers for the Kyivan Orthodox Tradition in the world, and

WHEREAS their first major conference will take place in October 2015 on the occasion of the 400th Anniversary of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy and will focus on the Kyivan Theological Tradition,

BE IT RESOLVED that the 59th USRA/USRL Convention rejoices and congratulates the National University “Kyiv Mohyla Academy” in initiating such strategic intellectual undertaking in the service of Ukrainian Orthodoxy in the 21st Century and ask its members to support this initiative in every way possible, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the 59th USRA/USRL Convention recommend to the USRL/CYC NEC to make a financial contribution of $1,500 (Canadian) in support of the first Institute of Theological Studies Conference in the Ukrainian Orthodox Kyivan Tradition being held as part of the 400th Anniversary celebration of NaUKMA (National University Kyiv Mohyla Academy) in October, 2015 in Kyiv.

Resolution 8

The following resolution, “Focus on Youth Initiatives”, is a recommendation to the UOCC/USRL Joint Standing Committee. This proposal received the support in principle by the USRA/TYC delegates but needs to be reworded. A cultural component should balance with the spiritual component.

Focus on Youth Initiative

“He who seeks the Lord will find knowledge with righteousness, and those who seek Him rightly will find peace.”  –   Proverbs 16:4

“I will pour out my spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.”    –  Joel 2:28

WHEREAS it is not uncommon to hear words of despair from our members when discussion turns to the future of our Church and community we need a plan of hope, a creative outlet to work for in our Ukrainian Orthodox Church community.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Ukrainian Orthodox community in Canada place the issue of youth engagement as its top priority for the next five years with the 17 – 30 age group being the initial primary focus.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the UOCC and the USRL jointly form a Focus on Youth Initiative Taskforce and mandate it to develop and implement strategic initiatives for youth engagement. Furthermore, that this mandate be realized through two stages:

First Stage – The goal is to develop an understanding of the challenges today’s youth faces from the Post-Modern World they inhabit, to their developing of a life-transforming relationship with Christ and the living of a Gospel-mandated life unto Salvation.

It is further proposed that the most effective vehicle for the development of this understanding is the staging of an ‘International Consultation on Youth Engagement’.  This consultation would bring together the best expertise on the attributes of contemporary youth and challenges faced by youth in general, those who are experiencing success in their youth ministries within the Orthodox and other Christian communities, our Church leadership, youth and those working with the youth in our communities.

The Consultation should be initiated by our community, but other Orthodox jurisdictions should be invited to participate in the planning and staging of such a Consultation.

Second Stage – The goal is to develop strategic initiatives of youth engagement based on the understanding developed in the first stage.

As an example, one such initiative would be the development of a ‘Servant Youth Leadership Training Program’.   Future leaders need to be given the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills required for effective leadership in Christian communities living in an ever- increasingly hostile to faith environment. They also need to be systematically nurtured and mentored. Most importantly, we need to ignite the spark of faith – to provide the opportunities for our youth to be energized by their experience of the Divine in a personal way.

It will mean investing serious resources in order to provide our youth with the kind of life- changing experiences that are necessary to ignite that spark of faith, that will lead them to commit themselves for the realization of an Orthodox Church in our society that is alive – life-affirming and a channel for the flow of Divine Grace into the life of the individual, family, community, society, country and the world.  In other words to be participants in a salvific process – a process of cooperating with God’s transforming love that Father Men’ of blessed memory so eloquently described when he observed that “..the Christian Church has not even begun to show its true love potential in transforming the life of the world.”

Finally, we will need to be prepared to support our young leaders in the projects that they initiate in the service of building up the Church.

Resolution 9

WHEREAS the Canadian government has taken the position to oppose Russian aggression in Ukraine’s Crimea, and

WHEREAS the Canadian Government has taken the position and successfully promoted the removal of Russia’s Putin from the G8 over the invasion of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, and

WHEREAS the Canadian Government has stated it is are supporting the 1.4 million Canadians of Ukrainian heritage, who have contributed to Canada’s welfare, and

WHEREAS the Canadian Government does assist Ukraine with millions of dollars of military and medical aid,

BE IT REOLVED that USRA/TYC and USRL/CYC write a letter of support to the Canadian Government for their support of Ukraine.

Every USRA/TYC Branch has its own project(s).

EXAMPLE: Edmonton Branch of the USRA/TYC
Edmonton USRA/TYC Branch has as its main project a Casino Fund Raiser. All branches in Alberta are very fortunate to have this excellent fundraising project. Based on the funds collected this branch then supports the following initiatives:

  1. Youth
    1. CYMK – local provincial and national executives
    2. Church School programs in all the parishes in Edmonton
    3. Public Bilingual Education in Edmonton
    4. Ukrainian Language classes – Курси Українознавства імени Івана Франка в Едмонтоні
    5. Acolyte Banquet support – sponsored by the local Order of St. Andrew
  2. Parish
    1. Capital projects
  3. Eparchy
    1. Orphanage project in Ukraine
    2. Capital projects in the Eparchy manse and office
  4. Foundations
    1. SUS
    2. UOCC
    3. Shevchenko
  5. Educational Institutions
    1. Osvita Program at St. John’s Institute
    2. Ukrainian Adult languages classes at St. Andrew’s Parish
    3. Canadian Institute of Ukrainian studies – U of A
    4. UFCE Foundation –Grant Mc Ewan University
    5. St. John’s Institute – we have made a commitment to provide financial support for their building project for the next five years.
  6. Other
    1. UCC Presidents Circle
    2. Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association
    3. Literacy program in Edmonton and area schools
    4. Full day Kindergarten in Edmonton Schools
    5. Lunch School Program for inner city schools
    6. f. Genealogical Project in Alberta – Ukrainian Cultural Village

We provide financial support for these projects. One of our young members is the chair of the UCCLA and he was pleased that we provided the support for this very worthwhile project. Another young member is involved in Literacy Day in Edmonton and he suggested that this could be an area of support. These young men are in their 30’s.

Once we established this funding process we began to look at other projects that we could be involve in.
In the past we supported two banquets:

  1. UOCC Foundation – we raised over $20,000.00
  2. SUS Foundation – we raised over $20,000.00

There was a lot of support for these Foundations in the community.

In 2007 and in 2010 the Branch provided financial assistance to branch members that went to Ukraine as observers for the Elections. As International Observers they joined a team of very dedicated volunteers from Canada under the direction of UCC, Canada Ukraine Committee and Canada Ukraine Foundation. Money for this sponsorship did not come out of our Casino fundraising. The Branch was very proud to have been involved with this project.

Recently we have been involved with our CYMKivtsi:

  1. We invited CYMK to go bowling with the TYC men and then we had a supper with them
  2. We went curling with CYMK

We are also working with the UWAC Branch at the Cathedral:

  1. We are co-sponsoring a reading by a Ukrainian poet studying at the University of Alberta
  2. Other projects will be completed on a shared basis

The Edmonton Branch has a long history in TYC and we have just begun our collection of archival material and we are sorting through all the files.

Our young members are planning an evening with their age group. The purpose is to recruit other to join Edmonton TYC. We also do not discourage any man if he wants to join the organization. This is in the planning stages and it will be interesting to see how it unfolds. Will we get new members? Our young members initiated this plan and we were very pleased to support their initiative.

In Edmonton we have 60 members. Of those 20 are very senior and do not attend the meetings. In general we have about 20 members attending a meeting. The meeting is also a social gathering and we have a lunch and some wine.

All branches in the USRA/TYC family need to decide on what projects would be worthwhile for their members and a decision needs to be made on fundraising activities. Projects can also be initiated to raise the profile of USRA/TYC in the community. Such projects would not necessarily involve a financial commitment but rather volunteerism. For example, members could get involved with church property beautification, assist at catered parish events, sharing talents and knowledge with the CYMK local, job shadowing with the CYMKivtsi, etc.

If we had a common project, that all branches could support, we would all have to be in agreement and we could only do this when we meet at the next Biennial conference.