Товариство Укаїнців Самостійників в Канаді

Core Values
Vision, Integrity, Commitment, Service, Collaboration and Achievement

To continue the pioneering spirit of our forefathers to perpetuate and enhance the religious, moral, cultural and national values in Canada as Ukrainians and Canadians

TYC is a vibrant organization composed of dedicated members utilizing their diversity of talents to serve our CYC family, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, all Ukrainians and all Canadians

Mission Statement
To provide resources, activities and programs that contribute to the spiritual and cultural growth of our members and to the maintenance, nurturing and growth of a caring, committed and visionary Ukrainian Orthodox community within Canadian society

What is USRA/TYC?

  1. Serving our community and the church
  2. Achieving personal and branch satisfaction from undertaking important, worthwhile and appreciated projects and programs.
  3. Realizing personal growth, leadership skills and having a lot of fellowship and fun
  4. Networking with branches across Canada

USRA Aims and Objectives

  1. To perform deeds and acts that contributes to the continual growth of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada and to encourage its members to practice and live by the Christian principles as enunciated by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada.
  2. To develop and maintain within its membership profound pride, love and respect for their Ukrainian heritage and to promote the study and knowledge of the history and geography of Ukraine, its language, literature, music, arts and crafts, traditions and customs, as distinctive attributes of their identity.
  3. To promote the welfare of and co-operate with the member organizations, institutions and affiliated members associated under the Ukrainian Self-Reliance league of Canada, paying particular attention to CYMK where we shall take an active role in helping CYMK grow, prosper and develop future leaders.
  4. To promote within the Ukrainian Canadian community an attitude of excellence in Canadian citizenship, to cultivate among its members a deep and abiding understanding of and respect for parliamentary institutions and the rule of law and the obligation to respect the rights of others.
  5. To encourage club members, by precept and example, to lead lives based on the principles of self-respect, self-reliance and resourcefulness.
  6. To aid Ukrainians in the Diaspora in their struggles for cultural, religious and human rights and in their homeland for human rights and for the rule of law.

Branch Membership Information

  • All Branches tied to parish church either by association or integrally linked
  • All Branches are active in Orthodox and local community and many branches financially support their parish through funds raised by casinos, bingos, banquets, raffles, etc.
  • Branches through their projects support the various integral organizations associated with the youth, seniors, local Orthodox parish, Orthodox community , museums, UCC, CYC Foundations, Shevchenko Foundation, UOCC Foundation, their own members and the Canadian community at large

Factors contributing to Branch Success

  • Well-known and contributing service organization
  • Strong communication
  • Solid and long tradition within the branch
  • Respect and obligation to past members
  • Dedicated members working cooperatively with a positive attitude
  • Strong leadership from within
  • Successful in project fundraising
  • Branch goals , aims , vision and objectives are established and carried out
  • The organization has three primary focuses:
    1. On oneself – self-help, self-reliance and self-respect
    2. On our Ukrainian Orthodox Church and community
    3. Servant leadership
  • Clergy have joined the branches
  • The branches work with the women’s organization (UWAC), youth (CYMK) and other organizations in a cooperative manner and provide a wide range of services to our entire community

USRA/UOMA/TYC supports the following

  • Our local UOCC Parish
    • Ukrainian language classes
    • Church School
    • Parish capital projects
  • Our UOCC Eparchy
    • Orphanage project in Ukraine
    • Capital projects re Eparchy manse and office
    • Summer Camps
  • Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada
    • Sobor
    • Capital projects
    • Publications
    • Junior level
    • Senior level
    • Provincial CYMK
    • National CYMK
    • Language schools
  • USRL/CYC Family Organizations
    • Institutes:
      • St. John’s Institute in Edmonton
      • Petro Mohyla Institute in Saskatoon
      • St. Vlad’s Institute in Toronto
      • St. Andrew’s College in Winnipeg
    • Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada- local, provincial and national
    • Ukrainian Museum of Canada and its branches
    • USRL/CYC – Provincial and National Executives
    • SUS Foundation of Canada
  • Ukrainian Community
    • Members of branch, provincial councils and National executive of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC)
    • Branches have representatives and members attending Holodomor, Internment and Black Ribbon Commemorations, Ukrainian Independence Day celebrations, Heritage Day Festivals and other related events in each community
  • Canadian Community
    • Hospitals
    • Youth – Lunch School Program, Kindergarten,
    • Many nonprofit organizations – Red Cross, Heart and Stroke, Kidney Foundation, Canadian Cancer Foundation, etc
  • Ukraine
    • International Observer Missions to Ukraine
    • Metropolitan Ilarion Museum in Brusyliv
    • Providing assistance (financial and in kind) for the many projects in Ukraine that assist Ukrainians in their efforts do stabilize their country

Each Branch decides the degree of support for the initiatives and for the organizations listed above. Each Branch decides on how it wants to initiate a project. It is important to note that Branches that have short–term and long-term projects are doing well and they are attracting members. Branches are very involved in their parish life and in the lives of the youth within their community.

Some samples of projects at the branch level

  1. Guest speakers on various topics
  2. Members fun night/family outing
  3. Producing a branch history/promotional brochure
  4. Joint meeting with the UWAC or CYMK branch
  5. Annual Recognition of a member for outstanding service to the branch or within the community
  6. Create a branch webpage
  7. Conduct an inventory of members’ talents
  8. Conduct a fundraiser for the SUS Foundation, an Institute, the local parish capital projects, etc
  9. Hosting a parish brunch or BBQ, Mother’s Day of Fathers’ Day dinner
  10. Sponsoring or supporting summer camp students, church school program, Sadochok , Ukrainian dance, Ukrainian language school, Malanka, Pushchynya at the parish
  11. Supporting an annual work bee at the church

Some examples of projects in Ukraine that branches could be involved in

  1. Sponsoring an orphanage in Ukraine
  2. Supporting projects like “Project Luibov Love”
  3. Supporting dance groups, choirs, visiting lecturers from Ukraine
  4. Assisting Ukrainian students that come to Canada to study at Canadian Universities
  5. Collecting medical supplies, clothing, books, etc for Ukraine
  6. Assisting universities in Ukraine

Advantage/ Incentive of becoming a USRA/TYC Branch or an Affiliate Club

  • Membership in a national organization that has branches from Surrey (BC) to Montreal (Quebec)
  • USRA/TYC is a Ukrainian Orthodox Men’s Organization and we bring that perspective to the wider Ukrainian community.
  • USRA/TYC has representation on the two National Ukrainian Executives and one International Executive:
    1. Ukrainian Self-Reliance League of Canada, an Orthodox umbrella organization for all Canadian Ukrainian Orthodox organizations
    2. Ukrainian Canadian Congress, a Ukrainian Canadian umbrella organization that represents and speaks for all Canadian Ukrainians at the National and International levels
    3. Ukrainian World Congress, a Ukrainian organization that unites all of the Ukrainians for all part of the globe under one banner. We have representation through USRL/CYC
  • We become stronger by belonging and being represented within a national organization.
  • Becoming a member branch or an affiliate with USRA/TYC will give you the opportunity to be involved in something beyond your parish community.
  • In the political reality, the Ukrainian Orthodox community and our branches become involved in the Canadian societal/government issues. Our influence will be important and the Canadian government will listen to our concerns on all issues.
  • USRA/ TYC 75 years of history and has made significant progress and advances within the Ukrainian Canadian Orthodox Community.
  • National TYC initiative within Canada – Symposiums that have dealt with many issues in the past. There have been four to date and the last one took place in Toronto in May 2014.
  • International TYC initiative in Ukraine – The Ukraine project has been approved. We are supporting the Metropolitan Ilarion Museum in Brusyliv, Ukraina. Our members have made contributions to the effort in Ukraine as a result of the conflict in Crimea and the incursion of Russians and terrorists in Eastern Ukraine. TYC branches have assisted their members to work as International Observers during the elections in Ukraine since 2004
  • National newsletters/ Memos have been prepared, sent out to all member branches as well as other CYC family organizations and UOCC bishops and chancellor. We keeping our membership informed and up-to-date on all events within our community.


  1. Few worthwhile things happen by themselves – they take time, effort, manpower and money
  2. USRA/TYC believes that we need the opportunity to continue the work that our forefathers had established and it’s our responsibility to sustain for our community and its members a vibrant and enviable organization well into the 21st Century.
  3. Success in our mission can be satisfying personally and extremely constructive for our community.
  4. We need to continue focusing on the good work that we have begun at the branch, provincial and national levels rather than on the problems within the organization.
  5. We need the support of all Ukrainian Orthodox men across the country to become part of this very worthwhile organization.
  6. There can only be strength in unity.

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